Summer Newsletter: Hay Fever Quiz Answers



1.       What is the formal term for hay fever?

Answer: Seasonal allergic rhinitis


2.       Can you have hay fever in the winter?

Answer: Yes – Hay fever is usually caused by pollen in late summer/early autumn.  But experts say that warmer winters mean that the pollen season is lasting longer.


3.       If you have hay fever, what food might you be allergic to?

Answer: Raw fruit and vegetables, eg. apples. Some people who have seasonal allergies also get hives or itchiness in their mouths when eating raw fruit or veg.  Certain proteins in these foods are very similar to the pones found in pollen.  Cooking usually changes these proteins and makes these foods sage to eat.


4.       Will your child have hay fever too?

Answer: Not necessarily, although allergies are often hereditary and a child of a parent with an allergy will be more susceptible.


5.       What’s the best way to keep a child from developing an allergy?

Answer: Expose your child to as much bacteria as possible and let them get dirty, and they will be less likely to develop an allergy in later life.

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