Regular Donors Rock

Did you know, the average person in the UK will give nearly £30,000 to charitable causes throughout their lifetime.  The UK is in the Top 10 most generous countries of the world – almost 70% gave to charity in 2018!

We are so lucky at Breathing Matters to have some amazing supporters who give regular monthly donations to help our vital research.  A small regular donation goes a very long way at Breathing Matters as we have little overheads which enables your donations to go straight to where it counts – the research itself!  Regular giving provides us with much needed funds that we can rely on and this can help us plan our research projects for the future.

At a time when our lungs need help more than ever, if any of our community is interested in supporting Breathing Matters on a regular basis and don’t currently do so, we hope that you will consider pledging a monthly gift to support our research.

Ways of giving regularly


Standing order

It’s so simple to set up a standing order.  Here’s three easy steps for you to follow:

  1. Download and complete the standing order form.
  2. Hand this in to your bank so they can set up the standing order.
  3. Return a copy to Breathing Matters at
  4. With some banks and building societies, you can set up online or over the phone.  If you do this, please email the STO to us for our records.


Payroll giving

If you are employed and pay income tax via PAYE, you can donate via payroll giving.  As donations are taken out of your pre-tax salary, it is a cost effective way to give.  Donating £50 a month via payroll giving will cost you £40 if you are a basic rate taxpayer, and just £30 if you are a higher rate taxpayer. 

To donate via payroll giving, your employer needs to be registered with an approved payroll giving agency.  The three biggest are Give As You Earn, Charities Trust and Charitable Giving.  You can donate to any charity you like and it is the responsibility of the agency to arrange it for you.

The three agencies charge administration fees of either 25p/month or 4% of your pre-tax donation.  Many employers will cover the cost of the admin fees and some will even match part or all of your donations.  Check what arrangements exist in your company by contacting your Payroll Office.

If you would like more information on Payroll Giving, please take a look at these resources:

We would be tremendously grateful for any amount you regularly donate.  To give you an idea of how much you might like to donate, here’s a summary of our wish list.

  • £5 – For equipment to take blood from a patient for our research.
  • £10 – For a specialised test to look at novel biomarkers in the blood.
  • £20 – For staining 4 slides of lung tissue to study novel molecules and link these with molecular imaging scans.
  • £30 – For growing fibroblasts (cells that produce the scarring) in the lab from the lungs of IPF patients.
  • £40 – For an hour of a clinical fellow.
  • £50 – For analysis of a novel molecular imaging (PET) scan in an IPF patient.
  • £100 – To carry out tests for novel biomarkers on 10 patient samples.
  • £500 – For isolating the platelets from patients with IPF so that we can examine them in the laboratory and compare them to platelets from people with normal lungs.
We depend on your regular gifts – you really can make a difference!

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Where there's research there's hope

Research into respiratory conditions accounts for just 2% of all the medical research funding in the UK.

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