Join Our Choir: Have Fun and Exercise Your Lungs!

It is a known fact that choristers report higher levels of well-being than solo singers.  This suggests musical experiences are enhanced by feeling part of a cohesive social group.

It is also a known fact that singing is full of health benefits. 

  • Singing increases breath control.
  • Singing strengthens diaphragm and other respiratory muscles.
  • Singing reduces stress (due to singing on an outbreath).

It is also a known fact that singing is a lot of fun!

At Breathing Matters, we have decided to set up a choir for patients, relatives, friend and staff in the London area.
If you are interested in getting involved or have any queries, please email either Beatriz Santos at (mobile: 07545 328644), or Donna Basire at

One thought on "Join Our Choir: Have Fun and Exercise Your Lungs!"

  1. I am a regular outpatient at UCH (for orthopoedics ) ..but not for chest problems -although I am a patient at the Whittington for mild chest problems ( resulting from a collagen disorder) . Can I join ?
    I work full time so , if rehearsals are in the daytime , I couldn’t attend anyway .
    just thought I’d check this out

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