Pulmonary Fibrosis Wish List

  • £5 – Equipment to take blood for testing antibodies for a  patient with IPF
  • £50 – Allows us to grow individual fibroblasts (these are the cells that produce the scarring) in the laboratory from the lungs of patients with IPF to do further studies.
  • £500 – Allows us to isolate the platelets from patients with IPF so that we can examine them in the laboratory and compare them to platelets from people with normal lungs.
  • £5000 – Provides all the equipment and running costs for a ‘Western Bot’ which allows us to look at abnormal proteins in the lungs of patients with pulmonary fibrosis.
  • £50,000 – Pump priming a blue sky research proposal: Allows a senior clinician to undertake a substantial period of research (a year or more) as a named research fellow to develop an hypothesis that is then submitted for full funding (£300K+) from a medical research charity.

One thought on "Pulmonary Fibrosis Wish List"

  1. I watched my beloved dad die of this cruel illness, he was on drug trials but I think they weren’t good enough as his follow up appointments were months apart and by the time it was realised it wasn’t working it was too late for him. We also had to ferry him over to Manchester for his follow up which also wasn’t satisfactory for a 36mile trip each way especially in his later stages. 

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