In Memory Page

Thank you for visiting the Breathing Matters website to find out how to set up an ‘In Memory’ page.

You can set up an ‘In Memory’ page from our donation home page.  You can then share your personal donation page with friends and family. On this page, you can share memories, stories and photographs. You could also include details of a thanksgiving service. Your friends and family can add their sentiments too along with their donations and you can easily see what they have written and how much you have raised.

An ‘In Memory’ page is a way to let the memory of your loved one live on and is a wonderful way of celebrating their life. As well as being an online memorial in which you can share memories, stories and photographs, the funds raised through your page go directly to Breathing Matters and will help others affected by pulmonary fibrosis and other interstitial lung diseases plus COVID-19, bronchiectasis and other lung infections, and will help our work to continue in their memory.

You can keep your page open for as long as you wish too by adjusting the settings, so you can keep adding to your donations in the future or help promote fundraising if you are doing an event to commemorate your loved one. Your donation page is easy to share online so can be a good way to publicise and gather support for an event.

Your ‘In Memory’ page is created and maintained by you as a space to remember your friend or relative in your own way.

Thank you – giving a gift in memory is a very special way to remember your loved one.