Funeral Donations

If you are organising a collection in memory of a loved one and would like to donate to Breathing Matters to help us continue our important research work, we humbly thank you for thinking of us.

Organising a Collection

Many prefer to donate money in lieu of funeral flowers.

You can organise an online collection by setting up a personal donation page from our donation home page and then sharing your personal donation page with friends and family. On this page, you can share memories, stories and photographs with family and friends. You could also include details of a funeral or thanksgiving service. Your friends and family can add their sentiments too along with their donations.

The money raised will go directly to Breathing Matters and your donors will be given the option of giving Gift Aid which will increase their donations by 25%. You can also easily see how much has been raised in memory of your loved one.

Sending in Donations

Some family and friends may make donations by cheque or cash and your Funeral Director may collect these at the service.  When paying in donations, we would like to make sure that we process and acknowledge the donation correctly and it would be very helpful if you or the Funeral Director let us know:
• The name of the person the donation is being made in memory of.
• Your name, address and relationship to your loved one.

Please send all cheques to:
Breathing Matters
Rayne Institute, UCL
5 University Street
London WC1E 6JF

Feel free to print out our Gift Aid Certificate, which increases donations by 25%.

If you need any more information or if you need our bank details to directly transfer donations, please contact us on

Thank you – your donations will make a huge impact to our research work!