Coronavirus – Respiratory Patient Guidance

At present, the novel coronavirus has infected only a very small number of people in the UK, almost all of whom have had contact with someone who has come from a high risk country where there has been a lot of coronavirus (eg. China, Iran, Northern Italy). Therefore, you are very unlikely to come across the virus unless you are in contact with someone who has travelled from a high risk country – so you don’t need to be worried about COVID-19 infection at this current time.

If you have been in contact with someone who has recently been to a high risk part of the world, the Department of Health and British Lung Foundation websites will give you the advice you need to follow. If you develop a fever or a cough, you will need to be tested for the coronavirus; and that is best done by someone coming to your home rather than you travelling outside of your home. Phone 111 and they will arrange this for you.

The British Lung Foundation have guidelines for those with a respiratory condition.

British Lung Foundation guide:
Department of Health website: