Summer 2017 Newsletter Holiday Quiz – here’s the answers

[Taken from Trip Advisor]


Q:           What were the 5 top travel destinations for the UK traveller in 2016?

A:            Majorca, Tenerife, Ibiza, Crete, Lanzarote


Q:           What was the average cost of a one week summer trip to New York?                                        – £1,937, £2,586 or £3,010

A:            £1,937


Q:           Which is cheaper? – the average meal cost in Majorca or in Tenerife?

A:            Tenerife at £13 per meal.   (Majorca is £17 per meal.)


Q:           How many Brits travelled to Spain for their holiday in 2016?                                                        – 20 million, 64 million or 75 million

A:            A record breaking 75million.