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pulmonary fibrosis

and infection

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Stories from April, 2015


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Christmas Charity Carol Concert: Friday, 11th December 2015

Holly Please join us for:

an Evening of Carols

for Choir and Audience

with Seasonal Readings 


St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden

St Pauls logos


Friday 11th December 2015 at 7.30pm


 The proceeds from the concert will go towards funding Professor Jeremy Brown’s research at UCL into Bronchiectasis 


The Holst Singers is one of Britain’s foremost choirs

and has been described by the BBC

as a leading chorus on the international stage


We are delighted that Jessica Ransom is coming to give a reading for us at this year’s concert. Jessica Ransom is a British actress, born in Sheffield. Her television appearances include Series 4 and 6 of Horrible Histories and Series 5 onwards of Doc Martin as medical receptionist, Morwenna Newcross. 


Tickets are £25 and re now available from







Global Adventure Challenges: Explore the Globe

Sometimes, a cycle at a national park, a coffee morning at your local cafe or a 10K run is just not enough of a challenge. Sometimes, you need to go further afield!

Breathing Matters has teamed up with Global Adventure Challenges who offer some amazing charity challenges. There are so many international challenges to choose from at, but here’s just a few examples:

Canada: The Rockies Trek: 17.9.16-24.9.16

Minimum sponsorship: £399 + £3,300 + airport TAX

Self-funding:                £399 + £1,649 + airport TAX


Tanzania,  Kilimanjaro; Machame Trail Trek: 18.2.16-28.2.16, 6.10.16-16.10.16

Minimum sponsorship: £399 + £3,650 + airport TAX

Self-funding:                £399 + £1,825 + airport TAX


Morocco, Sahara Desert Trek: 18.2.16-23.2.16, 10.11.16-15.11.16

Minimum sponsorship: £175 + £1,700 + £100 airport TAX

Self-funding:                £175 + £850 + £100 airport TAX


USA Yosemite to San Fran Cycle:  11.6.16-19.6.16, 24.9.16-2.10.16, 23.9.17-1.10.17

Minimum sponsorship: £399 + £3,800 + airport TAX for 2016 trips

Self-funding:                £399 + £1,900 + airport TAX for 2016 trips

San Fran

India Cycle: 18.11.16-27.11.16, 17.11.17-26.11.17

Minimum sponsorship: £299 + £2,700 + £250 airport TAX for 2016 trips

Self-funding:                £299 + £1,349 + £250 airport TAX for 2016 trips

India cycle

Zambia, Zambezi Raft Challenge: 10.9.16-17.9.16, 9.9.17-16.9.17

Minimum sponsorship: £399 + £3,600 + airport TAX for 2016 trips

Self-funding:                £399 + £1,799 + airport TAX for 2016 trips


Lapland: Husky Trail Dog Sled:  10.4.16-17.4.16, 24.3.17-31.3.17, 1.4.17-8.4.17, 9.4.17-16.4.17

Minimum sponsorship: £499 + £4,000 + airport TAX for 2016 trips

Self-funding:                £499 + £1,999 + airport TAX for 2016 trips


India Motorcycle Challenge:  21.10.16-30.10.16

Minimum sponsorship: £399 + £2,850 + airport TAX

Self-funding:                £399 + £1,425 + airport TAX

motorcycle1-676 India

There are two ways of funding your challenge; minimum sponsorship or self-funding.

For payment option A – minimum sponsorship – You pay the non-refundable deposit (the first sum above) to Global Adventure Challenges.  This is used to organise your trip including securing airline seats and relevant permits. You then commit to raising the minimum sponsorship (the second sum above) for Breathing Matters.  You can set up a Justgiving Page from our home page ( and 80% of the minimum sponsorship MUST be raised no later than ELEVEN WEEKS BEFORE DEPARTURE as this is when Breathing Matters will pay your challenge costs direct to Global Adventure Challenges.  Failure to raise this money may mean non-participation and cancellation of your challenge so it is important to raise your funds early.  The remaining 20% should be received no more than two weeks after your challenge finishes (we may ask for proof of offline pledges). We would be grateful if you could try and raise as much as you can over the minimum sponsorship target as every penny of this is what Breathing Matters will receive.  The more you raise, the more research work we can do and the more your challenge will have been worthwhile.

For payment option B – self-funding – You pay the non-refundable deposit (the first sum above) to Global Adventure Challenges which is used to organise your trip including securing airline seats and relevant permits. Ten weeks before departure, Global Adventure Challenges will invoice you for the balance (the second sum above) and this should be paid within two weeks; eight weeks prior to your challenge.  Although there is no minimum sponsorship target for this option, we would encourage you to raise as much as possible for Breathing Matters (via The more you raise, the more research work we can do and the more your challenge will have been worthwhile.

If all the above fills you with dread, why don’t you check out many more challenges including those closer to home in the UK on

Always Remember: Breathing Matters!



Spring 2015 Newsletter

Local PR Toolkit

newsJournalists are always on the lookout for inspiring stories so getting the attention of the local press can be a great way to raise awareness of why you’re competing in your event for Breathing Matters and to get more people to donate to your JustGiving page.

How to approach your local press in three easy steps:

Step 1: Identify the media outlets and journalists that are most likely to write about your story.

  • Before contacting the media, you have to make sure that the message is relevant to the area or issues they write about. Here are some questions that you may want to answer to come up with some news angles that will get the interest of journalists:

○       Is there a local angle to your story?

○       Which journalists have previously written about similar types of stories in the area?

Tip: For a comprehensive list of all the UK’s media titles visit, which contains contact details for all newspaper titles, radio stations, TV channels and magazines

Step 2: Finding the human interest part of the story.

  • If you read a story in a local newspaper or listen to a news broadcast, you will notice that people are at the centre of every local news story. Journalists love to inspire or motivate their readers with a human interest story that is about people, their concerns or their achievements. Ask yourselves the following questions:

○       Can other local people get involved? Perhaps they can cheer you on at your event or help you with your fundraising by coming along to your event.

○       What is it about your story that stands out?

Tip: include a photo of yourself and your contact details to accompany the release.

Step 3: How to write a press release for local journalists.

  • Once you have identified your target media and considered your news angle, you are ready to write a press release. Journalists are busy people so a good press release should be concise, be no more than 400 words and contain the following:

○       Headline – a great headline to grab the attention of the journalist is key.

○       First paragraph – journalists will read the first couple of lines of a release to determine whether it’s of interest, so your opening paragraph should contain a concise summary of why you’re running for Breathing Matters.The golden rule of journalism is to include the 5Ws: who, what, where, why and when. Try to imagine you have 5 or 6 seconds to explain your story to a stranger – what would you say and how would you describe it?

○       Subsequent paragraphs – this is where you include the supporting information for the story, but remember to keep it clear and concise and try not to use any unnecessary words – you should aim for one or two paragraphs at most.

○       Quotes – include one or two quotes that provide insight into your motivation for supporting us through your event.

○       Final paragraph – wrap the release up with a brief summary of the details about your JustGiving page – how much are you hoping to raise, etc. and remember to provide your page link so that people know where to make a donation!

○       Contact information – include your contact details so that journalists can get in touch with you.

○       Further information – provide any further information that is relevant to the story here.

Tip: Use powerful and exciting verbs to add energy to your story.


Lastly, have a look at this Justgiving Blog which gives you more tips in writing the article:

Good luck!


[Taken from]


Spring 2015 Newsletter: Quiz Answers

Can you identify the following Spring flowers?:

1. Crocus





2. Daffodil





3. Pussy Willow

Pussy willow




4. Tulip