Charity Poetry Booklet, Recordatus

At his grandfather’s funeral, Jonathan Harding read out a poem that he had written in his honour:  It starts:

A man can be judged by the impression he leaves
  And that helps to explain why we feel so bereaved 
  But it is happiness that we all sense today;
  You connected with all of us in some unique way.
We’re left now with memories of times spent together
  They are eternal, they will remain forever
  A family man, a mentor, there’s so much to say,
  A figure in our minds, every minute, of every day
Through your life you left us lessons that helped us to see,
  Providing inspirations to be all that we can be;
  So farewell Grandad, and sweet dreams.

Recordatus Front Cover

His poem was so well received, that Jonathan decided to write more; so many more that he has put them into a collection, named “Recordatus”, for all of us to enjoy.

Jonathan and his family are selling these poetry booklets for £5 in aid of Breathing Matters, a charity close to their hearts and whom they have been supporting since grandfather David Dainty died in 2012.

If you are interested in buying a copy of “Recordatus”, please contact