A Tribute to Nesta Wade

My mum was a hard working loveable and caring person and nothing deterred her right up to the last admission into hospital.

In August 2012, mum was diagnosed with breast cancer quickly followed by a left mastectomy soon after.  She started her 6 cycle chemotherapy treatment in september which would be followed by herceptin.  As soon as mums first cycle of FEC started, mum experienced breathing difficulties and was admitted into hospital and treated for infections, this was ongoing after every cycle of chemo. After 2 cycles of FEC, her oncologists changed her treatment to Docetaxel as it was believed it was affecting her heart function and where her breathing difficulties lied. During this time, mum was being checked out by the cardiologists having echos, X-rays, CT scans and a lot of antibiotics for infections in her lungs.

Eventually, mum was referred to a lung specialist in October 2012 where, in December 2012, after lung function tests and a biopsy, she was diagnosed with early institual lung disease, believed to be caused by chemotherapy.

Four weeks after her lung biopsy in February where she was sent home with no oxygen, 80% sats and low blood gasses, mum was rushed into hospital and put on life support. She fought for 4 1/2 weeks overcoming all the hurdles that was put in front of her!

Unfortunately, mums lungs never recovered and she passed away on 2nd April 2013. We were told that her fibrosis had progressed aggressively whilst she was on life support and she had died of multiple organ failure, severe septic shock, chest sepsis and progressive interstitial lung disease.

This disease is by far the most misunderstood and unforgiving and needs all the funds possible. I still do not understand how something so devastating has no help or cure.

My mum was a diamond and would help anyone and everyone. It kills me that nothing could help her.

Tribute written by Toni Pym, youngest daughter of Nesta Wade

Grandmother, great grand mother, sister, mother, cousin, niece, aunt and everybody’s friend xxx