A Tribute to Molly Brear

Tribute by her daughter, Louise Lowrie

My mum Molly was born in Leeds and moved to Doncaster as a small child. She met my dad, Laurence, at work. He was “the love of her life” and they were happily married for 45 years. Family meant a lot to my mum, as an only child herself, she used to dream of having brothers and sisters; therefore, when my brother was born, she made sure that 2 and a 1/2 years later he had a sibling (me).

My mum’s favourite role was being a grandma, she had 3 grandchildren who she loved deeply.

My mum had several challenges in her life, the first one being bowel cancer which she beat with fearless determination.A few years later, she nursed my dad through a difficult illness which we believed to be pulmonary fibrosis at the time but shortly after he died we found out was  pulmonary amyloidosis. Mum struggled with the loss of my dad, but got through this time with her faith in God and the support of her friends at church.

Mum’s biggest challenge came in October 2012. She had noticed slight breathlessness when going upstairs for a few months then she became acutely unwell with what we thought was a flu-like illness.  Three weeks later, we got the news we didn’t want to hear – she had pulmonary fibrosis. My mum stayed strong and decided to make the most of the time she had left. She had unbelievable support from her friends and neighbours and we planned to have a fun family Christmas  as we didn’t know if it would be her last. Sadly, it wasn’t  meant to be, as mum deteriorated rapidly and spent Christmas in hospital where she died on December 27th 2012. She had only been unwell for 10 weeks. My mum stayed strong right until the end and was adamant she wasn’t going to “spoil” Christmas for the grandchildren.

We miss her so much. Pulmonary fibrosis is a cruel and devastating disease, please donate to help fund research into it.